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While demo reels are great, real world projects are better.  Here are examples of recent projects we've completed in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Training, Meeting Support, and Documentary.

Sales & Marketing

Whether its products, ideas, or services every business depends on sales.  From individual products to the strategic "Big Picture," Industrial Communications has helped clients develop effective programs  to meet the demands of their specific market and audience.

Title: Tifosi Pro

Client: Tifosi Optics





Title: Advanced Store

Client: NCR

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts


A multi part program introducing NCR's latest technology for retailers


Title: Grass Seed 2012

Client: Pennington


Corporate capabilities program for the worlds largest grass seed producer.  One program - 15 different tags.


Title: AmeriPride - Watkinsville

Client: AmeriPride





From the beginning, training and instructional programs have been an important part of our business.  We've produced technical and sales training films for companies like Mazda, Maxell, Ricoh, Carrier and Hoshizaki to name a few.  Unfortunately most of these programs are proprietary and covered by NDA's.  Here are a couple that we can share.

Title: Sta - Green 3 Step Lawn Care Program

Client: Lowe's


Part 3 of a multipart consumer training program for Lowe's Sta-Green fertilizers.


Title: Lupus: What You Need to Know

Client: American College of Rheumatology/Lupus Initiative

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts


Lupus is a disease that is not very well known or understood.  This is chapter 1 of a 10 part series produced to educate people in our society who are at risk on the symptoms and treatment of the disease.


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Meeting Support

Providing production support for corporate meetings is both exhilarating and terrifying.  The locations are great, the people are wonderful but the stress of shooting and editing a 3 - 5 minute film in 2- 3 days can be enormous.  These programs have a true deadline and when the button's pushed at the close of the meeting . . . the movie better play!

Title: Innovation

Client: AkzoNobel

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts


Produced for the 2012 National Sales Meeting, the goal of this program was to set the stage for a new product launch.  The hard part was the fact that we couldn't show the product in the show.  The creative team at C3 came up with a solution that meet everyones goals.


Title: St. Judes Childrens Ranch

Client: Tyco Americas

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts


This program is special in many ways.  The story is amazing, instead of having the usual "team building" event at their national sales meeting, Tyco choose to use the money and human resources to give back to the Las Vegas area community.  For us the fact that it was produced with 5 hours of location shooting and 2 days of post is a miracle.  In the end it was a project we were very proud to be a part of.


Title: Sherwin Williams 2012 Managers Meeting

Client: Sherwin Williams

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts


Take 2,500 store managers, add ESPN's Lee Corso, and mix it up with three nonstop days in Music City and here's what you get.


Title: 2011 Users Group Meeting

Client: TRX

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts


TRX is a software company specializing in products for the travel management industry.  This program proves that a sophisticated, high tech company knows how to put on an event as big as the Lone Star State.


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Business documentaries have come back in style thanks to the internet.  Successful companies realize that people look to the internet for information and entertainment, not to view their latest TV spot.  So they are providing programs on customer success stories, how their products are being used in creative and imaginative ways and on a more strategic level how their company is improving our lives.

Title: The George Eastman House: Protecting our visual Heritage

Client:  Bitzer US


Bitzer is a manufacturer of large industrial and commercial refrigeration compressors.  Their products are normally used in large office buildings for airconditioning and in the grocery industry for refrigeration systems. But that's not always the case.  The facilities manager at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY needed a fail safe environmental control system for a series of film vaults that contained the heritage of our motion picture industry.  Today the original camera negatives of Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz and thousands of other historic motion pictures are protected by a system with Bitzer at its heart.

Title: Oka's Collision Center: Energy Sustainability

Client: AkzoNobel

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts




Title: Oconee County, Georgia

Client: Oconee County Industrial Development Authority





Title: Enterprise Holdings: Profitable Sustainability

Client: AkzoNobel

Agency: Creative Communication Concepts




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